Music Therapy Services


Services offered

Bloomful Music Therapy offers services for people of all ages and abilities. The music therapy services listed below are offered on a contract basis. The session length, frequency, and location are dependent on the client.


Rates for music therapy services vary depending on the situation. Please contact Amara to inquire about rates regarding a specific service.

Individual sessions

Individual music therapy sessions are specifically tailored to the needs and abilities of each client.

Individual music therapy sessions are well suited to:

  • those who require or prefer lower stimulation environments

  • individuals wanting to focus on a particular area of well-being

Group sessions

Group music therapy sessions provide clients with opportunities to engage in social, self-expressive, and musical experiences in a safe and therapeutic environment.

Group music therapy sessions are well suited to:

  • daycares, preschools, and schools

  • long term care facilities

  • rehabilitative facilities

  • community centres

Co-treating with other health professionals

Music therapists can develop shared goals and co-treat clients with other health professionals such as speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, recreation therapists, art therapists, and psychologists.

Adapted music lessons

Adapted music lessons involve the use of adaptive techniques which address the specific needs of an individual so the individual is able to develop their musical skills.

Music therapists have specialized training in understanding a variety of diagnoses and conditions and can adapt their teaching methods to suit the learning style of the individual.